So I’m sitting here, pretending I’m typing. (Okay I’m ACTUALLLY typing, words are coming out, as you can see.) I’m pretending I’m working on my latest spec script, because an hour ago I WAS working on my latest spec script. NOW I’m wondering when The Frame channel is going to change from the ‘Firelog’ and back to ‘Birds of Paradise’ or whatever fills their 10:30 slot when it’s not the Holiday season. I’m doing that instead of writing because I’ve been knee deep in this damned script for months now, I know how it begins, how it middles and how it ends, I just need to batter, smash and force it to submit to my will of 120pgs. Easy? Only in the same way that ‘Easy’ is on Halo difficulty (ie for me, really fricken hard – I’m alwasy the guy in those games who’s stuck on the wall and needs to die and respawn to get anywhere.) Give me Final Fantasy over a first-person-shooter any day.

That’s what I REALLY want to be doing now. Playing Final Fantasy III (FF III) on my iPhone. Once there was a time when parents had to shell out $200 on an NES and then $40 on the damned game. Now I just tell the App store to ‘Get’ it for me, for less than the price of a stupidly overpriced cup of coffee. It’s a game of high fantasy and fantastic technology. A game of carefully planned battles and terrible upsets. It’s a game of mediocre dialogue and laughable character names (Arc? That’s your name? Thanks for that Japan.) It’s the kid of game where you choose to ‘Attack’ by selecting it from the menu, and then watch as your little 16bit figures run up and stab the enemy, making white numbers pop out that tell you how well you did.

I don’t love these games for the numbers. I love them because they’re like a book I can interact with, a book that I can CHOOSE how fast or slow I read it, how fast or slow the plot moves. If all I want to do today is roam the map, blast Imp’s with Lit and Fira spells, so be it. If I finally want to climb into that castle and find out why everyone’s been turned into a walking spaghetti chalk outline (you guys really need to play this game to understand things on my level) then I can choose to undertake that. There’s a story in this game, waiting to be told. There are characters waiting to be explored, and not through cut-scenes where we have to listen to the voice acting of a second string celebrity (truth: I worked at a dubbing house for a year. Voice actors are a hard working, under appreciated bunch who really deserve our admiration) These characters get explored through action and deed. A piece of their past is revealed in dialogue, and somewhere along the way you’ll find your characters home town and that piece is laced into a much larger puzzle. Then in some deep dark dungeon your character decides he (or she’s) had it, and abandons everything out of despair. Now the rest of your well equipped team needs to rescue this character from themselves, while trying to find the four Crystals of the Elements and saving the world. Who doesn’t want to be part of that?

But I’m a good little writer. I’d gotten tired of retyping the same fifteen pages on ‘Tucker’, but I knew I needed to continue to be productive today, so instead of powering up FF III and finally visiting that tower, instead I put together this weak-ass blog post. It’s kinda like getting work done, in that it actually NEEDS to be done, but it ain’t bringing home the bacon. (You can find the link to my Bacon kickstarter elsewhere on this page) So yay to me for doing the ‘adult’ thing. Now I think I’m gonna go grind my foursome up to level 15 before tackling that tower. Currently my Black Mage has the hardest attack and my hero is the primary healer. Those of you who know these games now understand this question: Where did I go wrong?