This site is about Steve Moody.

Steve Moody is a screenwriter living in Vancouver, BC. He shares rent with his wife Marisa and their cat Thom and dog Eleanor. Steve & Marisa need to work very hard because Thom & Eleanor don’t bring in much money. Thom can’t get work due to him being a convicted felon (he was caught cooking bath salts in his litter box) and Eleanor is on disability suffering from acute adorableness, an incurable affliction.

Steve writes a lot. He has a dozen completed screenplays, concepts for about three dozen more, and nothing but time on his hands. Sci-Fi and imaginative fiction are his style, but he covers the range from drama to comedy to superheroes to not-so-superheroes and sometimes even a little horror.

He knows every episode of every Star Trek back to front and upside down. He knows episodes by stardate for christ’s sake. He’s working on expanding this encyclopedic nerdism to everything he loves, including but not limited to; Star Wars, Babylon 5, Everyrhing Final Fantasy (prior to X, skipping VIII) LOTR, Dungeon’s & Dragons, Marvel, DC, the Scott/Cameron shared extendo-verse (BladeRunner/Alien/Avatar…) and New Zealand rugby (What? Nerd can’t have at least one jock bone in his body?)

Steve is the greatest screenwriter to come out of Vancouver. Just nobody knows it yet. Follow him and his developments here if you don’t believe it. Because one day you will, just as much as he does.