What is ‘Nichecore’ you ask?

Nichecore is my particular brand of screenwriting.

It is a punchy, visual way of writing images on the page that eschews conventional sentence structure in favour of visual impact and imaginative flare.

It is a cross-genre blend of story elements and counter-culture influences that run through my vein’s and no one else’s; Sparsely attended warehouse parties, hyper-stylized action scenes, humour laden self referential dialogue, and lusciously envisioned dance sequences to pulsing electronic music populate worlds where the tone shifts from dramatic to horrifying to comical in a single scene change. It is Raver beats, Sci-Fi treats, super-powered feats and honest heart-to-heart meets.

In nichecore atypical body types, sexual orienations and identities are the norm. Unique combinations of platonic and sexual relationships are used to explore universally shared Human experiences and challenges, filtered through an uncommon lens. A nichecore character fits perfectly into THEIR own world with THEIR own companions, while still being hopeless misfits and outsiders to everyone else. Nichecore tales are devoid of ‘every-persons’, ‘J. Doe’s, and ‘Mary Sue’s. Audiences identify with the internalized struggles nichecore characters make external, even if they do not look, act or sound like anyone they think they relate to.

Nichecore screenplays are staged in settings so close to home yet so far off the mark that few are comfortable inhabiting them. Using the perspectives of the perpetually over-looked they tell the deeply personal stories of love, excitement, passion, friendship and betrayal we all know but are rarely secure in acknowledging.

Nichecore is wild adventures, colourful thrill rides, frightening truths and touching revelations. It is hardened fantasies and fantastic realities, techno-fairytales and personal epics. They drip with grit and soak in psychedelia.

Nichecore stories relate to all of us, especially when they resemble very few of us.


For the eyes – Human Traffic, Baby Driver, Groove, Charlie’s Angels, DollhouseLA Story, Evangelion, Hard Boiled, Endgame, The Get Down, Babylon 5, It’s All Gone Pete Tong, M*A*S*H, Jessica Jones, William BlakeCowboy Bebop, Battlestar Galactica, Clone High, CommunityBarakaShin-Godzila, Out of Sight, Calvin & Hobbes, FireflyScott Pilgrim Vs The World, Macross Plus, Steven Universe, Jacques Louis-David, The MAXX and of course, Rick & Morty

For the ears – Nu-Disco, Happy HardcoreFuture Funk, Hands-Up, Vaporwave, Soulful House, Nightcore, Pink Floyd, Madeon, Televisor, Funky House, Disco House, Chillhop