So you’re a filmmaker with a concept guaranteed to be the next big thing, all you need is a killer script. The problem? You’re like most people and HATE writing.

That’s why I’m here! I LOVE screenwriting, and I’m amazing at it! How amazing? So amazing that I’m offering my First Class professional services to anyone who needs them.

If you need a script written fast and without hassle, that’s me. If you need someone to fine tune your already-wicked screenplay, I can do that. And if all you want is someone to put eyes on your pages and give you some detailed feedback, hey, me again!

Take a look at what you can get!

  • Level 1: SCRIPT NOTES
    • I will read your screenplay and provide 4 pages (did he say FOUR pages? Yep, four!) of detailed notes for a feature!
    • (variable pricing available for shorts/TV pilots-episodes)
    • One Week Turnaround!


    • Script Doctoring features several options:
    • Dialogue Edit
    • Finished your screenplay but all your characters talk like the cast of a daytime soap? I will take a dialogue pass on your feature and bring my unique nichecore  flair for wordplay to bear. People will be quoting your script in no time!
    • One Week Turnaround!
    • Have a feature script you’re happy with, but it needs a polish? Need someone to clean up your prose, sex up your dialogue and make the pages look oh-so-pretty? I can definitely help you out there.
    • Two Week Turnaround on Edits.
    • You finished pouring your heart into your first draft and it’s finally finished. You have deadlines coming up and you KNOW you need to get back in there to make changes and edits, but the act of birthing a script has left you exhausted and hating the keyboard. Rather than miss those vital deadlines, I will be happy to come it, take your magnificent baby and make it the BEST IT CAN BE. Using your notes and your guidance I will produce a re-write/second draft of your dream project that does everything you need and more!
    • Three week turnaround on re-writes


  • Level 3: FIRST DRAFT
    • The ULTIMATE service for the busy filmmaker. I sit down with you and whatever you have; notes, outlines, treatments, or even just the hazy recollections of a fever dream, and we plot out your concept together. When I return I hand over a first draft feature film screenplay, exactly the screenplay you kept telling yourself you didn’t have the time to write. There it is, fresh and exciting and ready for the camera’s!
    • Four week turnaround on Features

All work remains YOUR original propety. YOU are the brains, I’m the hands that make it happen.

I love collaborating the great people on solid concepts, so take a look at your current situation and ask yourself: What is it worth to you to get your script to the next level?

Payments accepted up front on eTransfers & Paypal – Turnaround clock starts running when payment is received.

Contact me today and let’s see how far we can take YOUR dream!